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Melinda Crowder-Dunbar, M.S., LPC, LCDC


I want to help people heal. Oftentimes we carry a tremendous amount of unaddressed pain, but we don’t have to be afraid to address the pain.”

Melinda has always had a passion for helping others. As a successful supply chain lead for IBM for over 10 years, Melinda has plenty of experience with the demands of corporate America. In this position, she traveled the world and interacted with hundreds of people who would often confide in her about their struggles and challenges. Melinda’s talent for helping others and the joy she experienced in leading them to healing made her successful at her job. But she knew she wanted to make an even greater impact on people’s lives.  

Melinda soon quit her job with IBM and pursued her Master’s in Counseling. It was during this time that Melinda realized that her own life experiences contributed to her ability to connect and empathize with others. Having survived major life events such as the death of a parent at an early age, tumultuous teenage years, emotional and mental abuse, divorce, and the challenges of being in a blended family, Melinda has the unique ability to establish a sense of trust and rapport with a diverse group of people. For 5 years, Melinda partnered with the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas, educating teens on signs of suicide and mental illness, including depression. She later worked as the Director of Denton Treatment Services, providing quality addiction treatment for her community.

Melinda now owns her own practice, Crowder Counseling PLLC, based in Dallas, Texas. “I truly enjoy helping people become the best version of themselves they can envision.” Contact us today for a free consultation with Crowder Counseling and find out how you can become your best self.  

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